Phone Book OPT-OUT Drives Need for Internet Presence in Phx Metro Area

Chandler, AZ – The need for small, single owner/operators of businesses to establish a basic presence on the internet has been growing over the past decade.  NOW, however with the new Opt-Out of Phone Books choices available to consumers, the importance of a presence and listing on the internet is ESSENTIAL for EVERY Business, no matter the size.  For the past three years, SteveAV has been helping businesses establish and maintain a custom internet presence, AND increase traffic and grow web exposure as businesses grow.  Micro, single business operators do not necessarily need a complex, intricate website – and SteveAV understands this and offers a basic, quick and affordable presence on the web for just $49.95 to help very small business in the Metro Phoenix area of Arizona.  SteveAV wants to help small operators get started and learn more about the importance and advantages of getting on the internet in an affordable way.  Personal, custom service is ALWAYS included in services provided by SteveAV, who has a team of experts to perform a realm of services, depending on the needs of a business – web design, hosting, email accounts, photography, e-commerce, social networking – and writers for content management services.


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